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S & L specializes in, and only in, applied finishes to brass. Although we only guarantee our finishes, we can match your samples or evaluate custom refinishing jobs on a case-by-case basis. Our refinishing services include the following:

Available Finishes

Sample photos do not represent actual color. They are to be used only as a guideline.

1. Tuscan: Brown BZ, darker in cracks
2. Rust: Dusty reddish-orange with oil-soaked appearance
3. Medium Bronze: Darkened metal with hand-rubbed highlights
4. DKDK Bronze: Metal darkened with no relieved areas
5-1. Pewter: Nickel-darkened
5-2. Pewter: Brushed gloss coat
6. Aged: Old brass look
7. Antique Brass: Darkened and brushed
8. Satin Brass: Brushed
9. Black: Semi-flat
10. Verde: Blue-green Patina, can be customized to suit

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